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This is 40! #scorpio

Every wrinkle is from an emotion I was blessed to experience and grow from, joy, love, sadness, and anger. ( Maybe my dear friend and RN Shaun, has helped diminish a few wrinkles along the way with some injections). These emotions were lessons I paid attention to, so I could become who I am today. A self-loving, proud mom, friend, and partner. I am human, made up of scars ( inside and out) these scars remind me of what I have overcome, where I have been and to keep going! I have set hard boundaries with unhealthy friends, past lovers, and family members. I am only allowing authentic healthy people in my bubble. I've traveled all over North America and Europe, gaining memories, and wisdom along the way. I’ve healed from trauma, I have practiced acceptance and forgiveness. I published a book, created a Youtube Channel, hosted my own Podcast to encourage women to be themselves and follow their dreams. I started this blog to share thoughts, lessons, and dreams. I’ve been part of many prestigious associations in my industry that I am proud of. I am passionate about my career, yoga, reading, journaling, meditating, cooking, skiing, and life in general! I achieved my goal to speak at a women’s conference to tell my story this November. ( I will share more about this in a later blog with a video). It’s all part of the legacy and inspiration we share to make a difference in someone’s life.

I have so much gratitude for the mentors and friends in my life, Tom for teaching me the ropes of the sales world, KC for teaching me to balance a career and motherhood, and Lisa for teaching me to stand up for what I feel is right. I'm the luckiest girl to have an amazing tribe of women in my life.

At 40 years old I have finally embraced the magic of not giving a F#*k! It feels great!

Today I am grateful for this journey, my strength, my therapy, my health, my body, my amazing soulful daughter, and to Theo for creating her with me.

Rock on! Not bad for 40!!!! I am looking forward to sharing the next chapters, my lessons, my travels from the past and present. My hope is that my experiences will inspire you to live YOUR best life, whatever that might be, and know that it’s never too late to make changes. Never think small…

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Kathleen J Harte
Kathleen J Harte

Love you sweetie! You are one amazing woman & I have enjoyed watching your journey. The Journey never ends In life unless you pick a destination. HUGS! KC

Jaclyn Zambakis
Jaclyn Zambakis

Love you so much! Always ox ox

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