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Successful Merchandising; increasing Retail Revenue!

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

Do you wish your staff would sell more? Do you want your retail revenue to increase?

Let’s shift the focus and mindset…

Of course, the obvious solution is to invest in your staff to be trained often and thoroughly by your vendors and educate staff on selling tips. However, investing in the retail area and merchandising could mean a much higher return on your investment. Remember retail never calls out sick! Once a client has a homecare routine in skin care and makeup, the flow business comes. That also allows room for expanding the clients’ routine by adding to it and upgrading them with each visit.

Few tips:

Rotate retail weekly, so each time a guest comes into your location, they are more likely to look around if they feel there is something new that they have not seen.

Add new innovative merchandise, and bring in new impulse items often to keep it fresh! This creates a buzz that your location is always cutting edge on the latest and hottest beauty trends.

Signage makes it entertaining! Not just with shelf talkers, however, add any editorials, beauty awards, and celebrity endorsements. Highlight the content in unique frames and rotate it often.

Have your store be Instagram-ready at all times; perhaps even allocate a selfie station or stay-and-play station with makeup, mirrors, and a sink.

The longer a guest hangs in your retail area before their spa appointment, the better!!! The ideal setup would be for your guest to walk through or sit in the retail area while waiting for their appointment. Think about the flow and the “customer’s journey.”

Replacing magazines in the sitting area with before and after books from your skin care or device companies also helps to engage the guest, the service menu, monthly promotions, and only relative information that will spark interest.

Engage the senses everywhere. Let the guest feel, smell, and touch. Even in your bathroom. Use items for hand soaps and creams that are retailed in your store. Have scented candles or diffusing oils that are sold in the store. Impulse products such as under $15 items at the desk, lip balms, eye patches, and sheet masks always get me!

Avoid out-of-stock! This is such a missed opportunity! A guest wants to go home with what they purchased. Please keep control of your flow and inventory. This is how you maximize your profit and don’t lose a sale.

Make it fun, seasonally, with a theme, use a color theme with accessories etc. Have fun with it. In return, your guest will have fun shopping in the environment you created!

Create a hierarchy, making a product of the week special and exclusive!!! Do a sneak peek pre-sale to your VIP clients!

Have pricing on the product or in a frame that is easy to see, clients don’t want to ask what the price is sometimes, and they may pass on the item if it is not shown.

Many statistics share that people buy in threes. Bundle items together, making it simple and easy for the guest!

Understand further why customers DON’T buy…

Lastly, staying close to your distributors, manufacturers, devise representatives, and vendors is so crucial to building a successful retail business. Lean on them for quarterly business reviews to tweak inventory, get gifts with purchase options/samples and merchandising ideas, and always be open to learning what is new!

Set a goal for yourself, and implement these tips. I am confident you will see growth!

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