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Selling From the Treatment Room or Beauty Bar

I am often asked, how can I increase revenue through retail or how can I inspire my team to recommend more products and sell.

I have some creative solutions that make suggesting products feel like part of the consultation and experience.

As we continue to recover from the pandemic, I have coached many spas and retailers to revaluate the way they sell since some clients may not be comfortable yet removing their masks in a makeup or consult area. This is why discovery questions that dig deep into their current needs are so imperative.

In addition, provide visuals, mirrors, and tools for use so the client is engaged. They will be better able to relate to the solution you are presenting while seeing results This is why before and after books are so valuable!

Selling from the treatment room or beauty bar is a great way to ask questions and recommend products more organically - and without seeming pushy. Applying skincare and make-up products post-service is a seamless way to connect with the client and have them experience the product in a private setting. The beauty bar is another ideal setting where brow products, lip serum, any skincare, or SPF powder can be sold.

The sell-through process can be the same it’s just done in a different environment. Closing the sale from the space or at the desk at check out with a beautiful presentation tray or basket is a great way to make it special.

Always have instructions for home use on hand as well.

If samples are provided be sure to follow up in a week, perhaps they will order then and the product can be shipped to them.

Thinking outside the box with retail sales is an amazing way to keep the needle moving even if a client is not in all the time for services.

Implementing a membership/loyalty program guarantees even further that the client will return and you have flow business coming in.

Happy Selling!

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