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Being Part of a Team

This year my daughter had the opportunity to try out for the high school cheer team heading into freshman year. She was ecstatic to make the Varsity Team! From that moment on she was determined! The team and her amazing coaches inspired so much this season; work ethic, loyalty, maturity, and kindness. On top of that, the experience has inspired Sophia to fall in love with going to high school. When I was young I was never part of a team, I realize now how it can really impact a kid’s path in such a positive way. She loved the social aspect of it, the energy, the traditions, spags, ( especially toilet papering the seniors’ houses).

I was impressed with how the older girls involved her and welcomed her. That really is the meaning of community and a team. I watched my daughter gain confidence and strength over time, and she never missed a practice, game, or extra tumble class! I am so very proud! She did everything in her power to give her all to the team even when injured.

To become a part of a team is a privilege and honor. ... For a team to succeed each individual must also recognize their responsibility to the team.

Besides teamwork skills, team sports help you improve your health, confidence, self-esteem, willpower, and gain better life perspectives that will allow you to easily overcome future life challenges.

Great points I witnessed… it builds…

  • A Strong Heart

  • New Connections

  • Improved Lung Function

  • Increased Confidence

  • Reduces Stress

  • Improve Mental Health

  • Sport Builds Leaders

Lastly, all three of her coaches are very busy young women, they work and go to graduate school, they all showed care and compassion. I was so impressed with them as well. This season was about balance, hitting goals, self-care, and good mental health. Looking forward to what next season brings!

Go Red!

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