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Happy New Year! I was so grateful to have a week away skiing over the holiday break. I was able to reflect and be nostalgic, I even visited the place where my journey began in third grade when I strapped my first ski boot on. The feelings I had when I visited Pat’s Peak warmed my heart. I was there with my daughter who is actually a great skier now! The mountain seemed so much bigger when I was younger! The memories all came back to me quickly, my ski friends, the cookies, the lights at night, it was a great experience.

As I think back to when my daughter started to ski, it was not always smooth, there is a learning curve that requires lots of patience! I remember several meltdowns, at the top of a trail, or when it was ten degrees, and I was carrying my gear and hers! Since Pat’s Peak is a place many come to learn at, I looked around and encouraged a few moms along the way that it’s worth it once they get older! I refer to the moment it clicked for us very often. It was about four years ago, at Breton Woods we arrived at the parking lot, it was snowing, my daughter grabbed her gear, determined to have an epic day, she put on her own boots, and was pumped to get out there. That was the awww moment! It was all worth it! Each year has increasingly become more enjoyable. We are able to ski anywhere, without much restriction to trails or level. We love the beauty of the trees and the glades! We are able to ski with my adult friends now and she flies by us most of the time! It’s been amazing to watch her learn and grow and actually become a faster more skilled skier than I am. I have had many proud moments, on top of the laughter and joy! The bonus has been she has developed friendships that will last a lifetime because of it!

New England can have harsh winters, however with the right attitude to make the most of winter you can find pleasure through this amazing activity. These are some of the reasons I am so passionate about skiing…

Anticipation, there is nothing as exciting as getting ready for a big day on the slopes. You prep your gear, spill coffee on yourself during the commute to the slopes, and jam out to music in the car to hype you up, it is awesome!

That first run, the snow sparkles like diamond dust, welcoming your signature turns. Aren’t you glad you got out of bed now? Although, anyone that knows me as a skier, knows that I am not a first chair kind of girl! I m not so focused on getting my money's worth of runs or hitting it hard. I actually really just like the vibe, the community, the silence of the snow hitting the trees when I am skiing through the glades as well as the comfort food and drinks! It’s a happy place for me, with no rush, and no agenda! I dislike the stress of rushing in the morning!

Mountaintops in winter are absolutely magical. The beauty of the snow makes my heart feel full.

There is the sensation of dancing on snow, as you unweight from ski edge to edge, rocking your boards back and forth. I don’t know about you, but this is way better and bigger than any dance floor in any crowded club.

Meeting new people on the chairlift is a bonus. You have alpine passion in common already. Everyone has at least one engaging ski story to tell. I certainly have a few, like the time my skis got stolen by an Elizabeth Taylor’s look-alike skiing in a fur coat! Or the time my boyfriend forgot our skis at the lodge and had to drive back 90 minutes to get them the next early morning… My favorite stories are, about watching my daughter and her friend help others, if they had fallen or are scared.

Skiing is the one sport where your kids will think you are cool. This helps now that I have a teenager!

You can ski from age 3 well into senior years! I hope I am that Nana skiing with my grandkids!

Skiing burns a ton of calories!

I love the way I look in ski gear. All jokes aside, the aesthetic of a ski town is unlike anything else on this earth and the charming towns. Also, at times hilarious things that people wear out on the slopes are one of the best parts about skiing, in my opinion. I love ski and winter fashion; it is my favorite look!

Not everything is about heart-pounding action. Sometimes, the best part of a day at a ski resort is sitting back after you’ve exhausted yourself to enjoy some delicious food. Resting and relaxing with fellow skiers is always an enjoyable time, and you’ll never know who you meet when you explore the local lodge or head to an unfamiliar resort.

I mean, seriously, what’s better than a cup of hot cocoa after a long day of enduring the bitter winds at the mountaintop? A bonus is to share it cuddled with a loved one!

I know it may sound sappy, but the truth of the matter is that there’s nothing I love more about skiing than meeting new people and becoming lifelong friends with someone who shares your interest and desire to see the world. Skiers are an incredibly friendly group of people.

I truly enjoy the entire experience, I plan to be strong and healthy enough to enjoy it no matter how old I am, and I hope my daughter keeps the tradition alive when she has kids! Perhaps this has inspired you to give it a try, it’s never too late to get out there!

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